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I am going to post a new entry of the “7th grade notebook of Cynthia loohoo” a girl I made up. Each week will be a new story, but all together the stories have to do with 7th grade. By emailing me, you can give me new ideas for stories! So email-up!

So here is the first post of the 7th grade journal of Cynthia loohoo, first week.


My name is Cynthia loohoo and this is the story of what happened  on the 12th of may, yestarday.

I was upstairs on a Saturday night, reading my lazy sunday Calvin and Hobbes comic book, when my mom got a phone call. It was Mrs. kane. I guessed from the way my mom was talking to her. Mom always talked sharply to Mrs. Kane, who wasn’t the brightest woman on earth. My mom came up about 15 minutes later to tell me that Mrs. Kane had “invited” me to babysit her two kids on thursday. “Would you want to?” My mom was asking me; “Well you see I have a gymnastics tournament on thursday” I answered, not feeling exactly thrilled to babysit two little kids I hardly knew, and who might as well be brats. “You don’t participate in gymnastics, you quit last month, remember?” My mom pointed out. “Oh yeah, I forgot” I lied. “Besides,” My mom coaxed, “It would be good for you to have this kind of experience”. My mom looked at me with a reassuring expression. I didn’t  feel reassured. “Oh fine” I finally said. “Oh good!” My mom said happily, clapping her hands. “I’ll go right back down and tell Mrs. Kane. Great. Just Great. Now I was stuck babysitting two little assumed brats, when I should be hanging out with amanda and stacy. Amanda and stacy were my two best friends. Amanda was sort of shy, and childish, and she wasn’t very fashionable but to me that didn’t matter, she was still one of my best friends ever. Stacy was cool and naturally stylish and she was very outgoing and energetic. I looked up to her for everything and amanda looked up to Me for everything. Anyway, I called Stacy and Amanda for a group conference call. “What should I do?” I asked them after explaining the situation. “You should totally convince your mom that your sick, right before the day you’re suppost to babysit!” Amanda said enthusiastically. “HaHa, she’d really fall for that one” I said sarcastically. “How about you?”, I asked stacy. “Well, my older sister knows a lot about babysitting, so she could probably give you some tips on friday, that’s her free day, you know” “I’m babysitting on THURSDAY!” I practically yelled “Oh yeah!” Stacy said, and we all laughed. “Well, just grin and beer it, I guess” said Amanda. “It’s grin and BEAR it, you moron!” I laughed, “Hey!” Amanda shouted, not liking to be called a moron. Then, she HUNG UP! We frantically called her back. “I”msosorryAmandaIdidn’tmeantohurtyourfeelingsand…” iIsaid it so fast I could barely get it out, without tripping over myself. “ITS OK, ITS OK, geez I was just getting a glass of water!” Amanda said, and we laughed.

On thursday I trudged up the steps to Mrs. Kane’s house and rung the doorbell. I heard footsteps. The the door opened. “OH CYNTHIA!” Mrs. Kane practically pounced on me! I had never seen her up close before. She  had gangly glasses, and dark short curly hair. She was wearing a night gown looking  thingy and looked about as old as my mom. “Uh, hi” I said quickly. Then I saw them. The children, standing at her sides. One was a girl and one was a boy. “They are Hannah and Shiloh” Mrs. Kane said. “She is 5, and he is 6,”  she said again, pointing at them. “Well I have to go, so goodbye kids!” They just stood there like zombies. It was eerie. She didn’t even tell me what to do or how to do something or the rules or anything. “Well…”,  I said “Let’s play!” Hannah said. I smiled at her. “What game?” I asked. “Parcheesi!” hannah yelled. “Well let’s go play” I said.  Hannah skipped to the living room. She pulled the game out.  “I wanna go first!” Shiloh said for the first time since Mrs. Kane had left. “Ok” I agreed.  “No I wanna go first!” yelled hannah. I sighed. “I will go first so it’s fair then” I said. “No it won’t be fair! Because you get to go first!!” Hannah yelled. She ran into the bathroom and slammed the door.  “Now can I go first?” Shiloh asked. “Wer’e not playing anymore” I answered.  “Yes!” He screamed. “I wanna play parcheesi!”  “No” I said calmy. “Yes!!!” He screamed louder. I picked him up and put him in his room. I went into the bathroom to see what Hannah was doing. but before I went in the door, hannah closed it on my head. That really hurt. “OUCH!” I screamed. “Haha that’s what you get for being such a meanie!” Hannah said. I wanted to kill her. I really did. But I said “Hannah that wasn’t nice and you know it!”  “Yeah but you were being mean!” “Hannah, I was only trying to be fair” “Yeah but it’s not fair if you get to go first!” Hannah reasoned. I though for a moment. “Well what do you think we should do?” “We should not play a game anymore” Hannah said. “But I thought you wanted to play a game?” “Yes but not if we can’t play it fairly” I thought this was a good enough answer so I didn’t say anything more about it. A little while later Hannah was sleeping on the couch, taking a nap. I went to check on Shiloh in his room. He was also asleep on his bed. I breathed a sigh of relief. I went to the kitchen and ate a snack. Then I did my homework. About an hour later Hannah woke up and said she had to go to the bathroom. Then Shiloh woke up and played in his room for a while. After 2o minutes, I thought that Hannah seemed to be taking a long time, so I knocked on the door. “Who is it?” Hannah called. “It’s me” I said. “Just a minute” She said. “Do you need any help?” I asked. “Any help with what, Lady guinevere?” I was confused. What was she doing in there? Just then she opened the door, and I gasped. There on the floor was about a million towels, and clothes, and on the counter was a big bag of makeup and someof it was out on the counter. There was lip stick smeared on some of the sink and the mascara bottle was poured out into a little pool on the counter. “Hannah! What in the world are you doing in here?” Then I stopped. It wasn’t just the counter. It was her too. She was wrapped in some fancy linens and towels and she had a thong on her head. Her hair was twisted in some sort of way and it had gross gel and goop on it. Her face was worst of all. It was smeared with mascara and her lips and cheeks were smeared with lipstick and blush, along with some eyeshadow on her nose and foundation on her chin. I was ready to explode. “I’m Lady frances!” Hannah yelled. “Wer’e getting you cleaned up right away!”  “No!” She screamed. “Look, Lady frances, Your’e going to a royal ball so you need to get cleaned up!” “Ok!” Now she was agreeable. “Ok get your royal clothes for after you get out of the royal bath!” I said. “Okay!” She said. I filled up the royal tub and got the royal towel ready for her royal highness. I rolled my eyes. Well, at least she was taking a bath. I decided to check on Shiloh. He was looking out his window. “Shiloh” I whispered. “Yes?” He whispered back. “Do you want to play something or do you want to stay in here?” “Um, I wanna stay in here for a little while longer” “Ok, But if you want anything just call me ok?” I said. “Ok” he said. I closed the door.

Hannah was in the bathroom taking a bath now. I need my royal ducky!” she demanded. I sighed. This was going to be a long bath time.



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